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Hi, I’m Bethany. I’ve been working in ministry for over a decade. Currently, I have the privilege of serving as the Associate Pastor at Encounter Church in South Australia. I am wildly passionate about Jesus, the Kingdom of God and living to see His reality break into ours.


I’m also the author of ‘On Being Single’ - a brilliant bite-sized book that packs a punch. Written specifically for people of faith in their twenties and thirties, it addresses myths and misconceptions around singleness. My heart is to guide people to include God throughout their single life, to be real and celebrate the beauty of today. You can grab your copy direct from me (right here) or through all major online book stores.


Life is glorious. I hope you’re squeezing the most out of the adventure.


Beth x

On Being Single

On Being Single

I wrote this bite-sized book to help people find freedom from myths and misconceptions around singleness. Writing about my personal observations and journey has enabled me to share how much "I get it", to laugh (or cry) over shared experiences, but also, to shake up our thinking and challenge us to involve Jesus in our everyday, including our singleness. This is a great read. Whether you're single, dating or married, there's something new to learn and share. Enjoy!

Also available from all major online bookstores.

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The photographer of On Being Single.

Ken Cheal is an amateur photographer specialising in candid and landscape photos. His eye for capturing everyday moments, nature and details are strengths in his photography. He’s a builder by trade and after hours can often be found behind a lens, or with a guitar in hand.

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