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Here are some incredible ministries, all of which we highly recommend.
PLUS, below are some ministry ideas that may spark something for your fellowship.
Sean W Smith.png
Sean W Smith

Sean W Smith is a brilliant, faith-filled and fun children's and families communicator. ​PLUS, Sean has incredible resources available for families - CDs, DVDs and Winning with Kids Parenting Resources. 

steve grace.jpg
Steve Grace


Steve Grace is an Australian legend; down to earth, passionate and willing to travel anywhere! Steve Grace is a blessing to the body of Christ, especially empowering and encouraging regional areas.

French Toast
High School Breakfast

Host a regular High School Breakfast (i.e. Pancake Tuesday). This may provide an opportunity to serve High Schools in your area, build relationships and bless your community. There may be companies (i.e. IGA) in your town that would love to partner with you and, or sponsor the program!

Louder High
School Seminars

Louder offers seminars for grades 5-12 to empower students to hear a hope and purpose-full voice louder than any other voice in their world.

Louder Seminars are available to come to your area or you can purchase The Shift program to offer in the schools near you (download the PDF framework).

Resources +
Youth Camps


Scripture Union is a reputable organisation that works with churches to make Jesus known. Also, they have some great youth camps across Australia that your youth may be able to get involved in! 

At the Festival
Date Night​


Empower and love on people to live God's way in relationships!  We hosted a Date (aka couples) Night in our church a few years ago. Everyone came dressed up, we served a 3 course meal, played a few games and invited a couple to share on their life and experience.

Brett Lindner.jpg
Healing Evangelist

Brett's life and ministry is a reflection Jesus' ministry to see people healed, delivered and set free. Brett is approachable, sincere and passionate and loves the local church.

Clean Up Australia Day Logo.png
Clean Up Australia Day


This is a great local initiative to serve our communities and conserve our environment.

Some years our church chooses to do this instead of holding a meeting, followed by a BBQ together in the park.  It is always a great day!

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