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Author, Pastor and Administrator.

Hi there! I'm Bethany, here's a little more about me...

I have been working in ministry for over a decade. I have been employed as Student Liaison Officer in a Bible College, a junior-high Youth Pastor and a Ministry Assistant. I am currently based in Gawler, SA working as the Associate Pastor at Encounter Church.


Previously, I was based in Glen Innes, NSW at Oasis Church New England. Whilst in Glen Innes, my life could be describe as a by-faith pastor, local missionary or freelance pastor and project creator. Whatever the words, I loved people and got involved with things that the Holy Spirit brought across my path. We were involved in people's lives and projects, travelling to Inverell, Ashford, Moree, Uralla, Texas, Wellingrove, Armidale, Tamworth, Sydney, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Dubbo, Cowra, Molong, Bourke, Byron Bay, Port Macquarie and Nepal. 

I have a Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Ministry through Alphacrucis. I love anything (mostly anything!) that involves interacting with people, organisational administration and content delivery. I am passionate about Jesus, people knowing Him and Him being a part of our every day. That is what I give my life for. 


In early 2019 I released my first book. 'On Being Single' is a bite-sized book that packs a punch. A raw and powerful insight into the single experience, with wisdom and revelation to fuel the journey. Check it out here! 


Our lives are full of various seasons and adventures. God extends an invitation to each of us to adventure with Him, whether we respond to do life with Him is entirely up to us. 



Oasis Church New England Inc

"Bethany delights herself in the Lord. Holy Spirit is her dear friend, and fellowship with Him is her priority. This delight and friendship is evidenced in her life of humility, faith, surrender and obedience. Bethany loves the Word of God, is well grounded in it and continues to meditate upon it. She brings a good, strong word in season, when asked to preach.


Bethany honours people. God's love flows in and through her to the world around and beyond. Her wisdom excels her years; her discernment and prophetic gift shine truth and light into situations, which we as leaders, may have been challenged by. Having taught public speaking for a number of years, she herself is an inspiring, captivating communicator, making any topic relevant, fun and inspiring! 


Bethany is a credentialed ACC pastor in good standing with her local church. She regularly attends our local church services and contributes to the life of our churches through personal interaction, leadership, preaching and teaching.​ Administration! Say no more, you all know the challenge this is to us country Pastors! She is a bundle of gifts, talents, experience and a willingness ready to empower and contribute to the local church! Simply ask!"

Ps's Brad & Alison Bonhomme

Horizon Church, Sutherland

"Bethany is an incredible asset to the local church - her passion and heart for people and the Kingdom is commendable.  Having worked with us for almost ten years we’ve had the opportunity to see the longevity of Bethany’s ministry.  Bethany is a skilled administrator and leader and has a very thorough understanding of church process, planning and logistics. She is also a gifted minister with the ability to communicate God’s word with clarity and passion. Bethany is a team player and works well alongside people of all backgrounds and levels of leadership.  She’s a very loved part of our own family and the team at Horizon Church - we cannot recommend her highly enough."

Ps Ted & Kylie Evans

Influencers Salisbury

"Bethany is the type of person that you hope one day you can grow up to be like. She is wise, genuine, authentic and humble. Bethany has a spiritual maturity and insight that when coupled with her professional and practical skills, has the ability to help people and churches take steps toward growth and transformation. 


We have known Bethany for a number of years and in that time have witnessed her journey and the graceful way that she has navigated and transitioned the seasons of life. Bethany is a woman without guile and her sole purpose is to see the love and plans of God worked out in every person, regardless of their station in life. Having worked with very large churches and also smaller churches, Bethany understands church life in all its challenges and beauty. Practically, professionally and personally, Bethany is a blessing to everyone that she encounters. We are grateful that she is, and has been, part of our world."

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