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I wrote a book!

I wrote this short-book to help people become free from myths and misconceptions around singleness. Writing my experiences and observations to say... "I get it", to laugh (or cry) over shared experiences (haha!), but also, to kick people up the backside around our thinking, and to challenge us to include Jesus in our everyday, including our singleness. This is a great read, whether you're single, dating or married, there's something new to learn & stories to hear. Enjoy!

On Being Single is a heartfelt and often humorous insight into the single experience. Bethany's warm and open approach to sharing her observations of the single journey will encourage self-reflection, and shift your thinking on singleness. This is a great book to read and share that will inspire clarity and propel you to freedom while defining Godly perspective on the single season.

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Ken Cheal is an amateur photographer specialising in candid and landscape photos. His eye for capturing everyday moments, nature and details are strengths in his photography. He’s a builder by trade and after hours can often be found behind a lens, or with a guitar in hand.

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