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Compromise vs. Sacrifice

I sat up and realised it was a dream, even though it felt so real and audible.

I found myself suddenly asking God for clarity if I’m dating the right guy. I was in love and there’s so much I liked about him. To be honest I couldn’t find any fault in him but yet, deep inside of me there was an unsettling and so I began to ask God to show me what this means.

Girls, I know we all have ”The List” which is a combination of “definitely’s” and “hopefully’s” we desire in the man we want to spend our lifetime with. My list wasn’t very long but in my dream I found out that there were 3 things that was very close to my heart that I had compromised, yet thought was ok to sacrifice. Now you might be like, what’s the difference? And that’s exactly what God revealed to me in my dream.

We were walking in this beautiful field on top of a hill and as I was looking over the vast distance, Jesus asked me: “Do you know how much I love you?” I smiled and said, “It’s a lot, isn’t it?” Softly he said: “Yes, more than you’ll ever know but I’m not sure you believe my love for you.” I was surprised by His answer but the more I thought about His Words, the more this unsettling began to stir within me. He said to me: “Do you know how I know this?” I said with a shy voice: “No Jesus, how?” He answered: “Because I know your list Rina and there’s things that your heart deeply longs for in a man and you’ve compromised 3 of them in your relationship.” I knew straight away what they were. Now for each of us our deep desires are different, I’ll share with you what mine were.

  1. For him to love Jesus and know Him personally through a relationship

  2. To have kept himself pure for marriage

  3. Both his parents to be saved

  4. His parents to be together and happily married

  5. Attractive to me, amazing father, fun personality and can play a musical instrument

I replied to Jesus and said: “But I thought it’s ok to sacrifice them because the first number on my list He ticked!! He loves you deeply Jesus and that’s what attracted me so much to him. He only met You when he was 21 and because his parents weren’t saved they didn’t teach him to keep his body pure and the fact they are divorced is not his fault.” It’s quite awakening to see how easily we can defend our reasoning but as I looked up and my eyes met His, there was so much love and not a hint of condemnation!

He replied and said: “My beloved daughter, I sacrificed my life for yours because that’s the very Father Heart of lay down our own selfish ways to serve others. To experience a beautiful relationship, sacrifices are necessary so you allow the Holy Spirit to do the work in you for the better of the one you love. But in your case my have compromised your deepest desires because you don’t truly believe the depth of my love for you, because if you’ll know I’ll do anything to bring you the one that your heart desires to have.” Then I woke up.

The rest is history, I ended the relationship and God brought me a man in His timing that ticked all 5 of the boxes and SO much more that I could have ever written on a list. Daily I’m still learning to sacrifice, to give 100% of me towards the better of our marriage but I’ll forever be grateful I never compromised on what was most dear to my heart. I’m extremely thankful God came to walk with me that night in my dream and showed me a glimpse of His indescribable love!

Friends, believe the love God has for you! Never compromise what He has placed on your heart because the one who calls you is faithful, and He will surely do it! 1 Thess 5:24

- Rina

For more information about Rina's ministry, including her latest book "Renovate Your Parenting" written with her husband Sean, visit:

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