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Create Connection

I sit on the porch with a book on my lap. I become aware that Jed, the family dog, is seated right next to my leg. He is intently watching the entrance of our property, ready to chase whatever dares to move. His eyes alert, watching, whilst his back leans against my leg

I would say that I am not an overly affectionate animal person, but I do find Jed’s company surprisingly comforting. It has got me thinking about connection.

Whether you’ve thought about it or not, we all have ways that we like to connect. We have preferences, challenges, boundaries, cautions, likes and dislikes.

I love phone calls (my record is easily over 3 hours), and sometimes the conversation doesn’t even have to be a steady stream of dialogue; just presence on the other end. I love sharing meals with people. I love hugs (don’t get carried away, I’m not a “hugger”. I am, however, all about hugs from people close to me.) I value and cherish deep conversations on a couch with focused attention on anther or in a small group. I love activities with people but am also happy to sit back and absorb all that is going on around me.

Connection is beautiful, powerful and essential. Each of us have different ways we like to connect. We all have preferences and together we must learn the dance of connection with our colleagues, friends, families, and significant others.

During this current season of COVID-19 it can be easy to think about how connection has been restricted. Though that is true, the core fact is that many factors change and impact the way we connect all the time. These could be changes in relationships, a move of residence, school, workplace, state or country. Change could come with new commitments; children, new friends, change of jobs, conflict, loss or health challenges. Life rarely, if ever, remains the same. It is constantly moving, evolving and adapting, revealing the need for us to shift, change, grow, and adjust in many facets, including connection.

This season is no different. Circumstances completely beyond our control have forced the impetus to shift, change and grow. Instead of focusing on what you used to have, what you want or what you can’t have, why not decide to create in this season?

What kind of connection would you like in this unprecedented time of physical distancing? How can you be the leader in creating it for yourself and for others?

Despite your circumstance, you still have the power to create connection. You have the power and responsibility to create connection, to reach out, suggest, invite, talk, write. Begin to create the life you desire in this season, because truth be told, that is what we are responsible for in every season!

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