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Cultivating Thankfulness

Do you have people you just love talking to about life, theology and spirituality? I love talking to Jonathan. A few weeks ago, as we were talking, the conversation turned to what we were currently learning - both of us were seeing God cultivate thankfulness.

I found April and May hard, looking back they could be described as “growth months”. I noticed that my heart remained thankful in the midst; it was hard yet beautiful. Since that time, God has continued to cultivate thankfulness.

It is easy for us to become stagnant in our heart attitude. In time that stagnancy can tip to negativity and complaints. We then look at our lives and wonder how we got there. Intentionality in our thoughts, attitude and speech drastically impact our day to day lives.

How do you perceive your life at present?

Maybe the fruit in our lives is not a reflection of our circumstance, but rather our attitudes.

I encourage you to cultivate thankfulness it will have a flow-on effect in your life producing things like intentionality, peace, value, generosity and joy!

.     .     .     .     .

I am thankful for … this year, all God has been doing, time in the Central West, our team heading to Nepal, the people God has put around me, for home and my parents, and for God - thankful that He speaks to me personally and leads me gently. I am thankful.


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