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God is Calling

This is a word I received earlier this year, and I felt today was the day to share it.

Sitting around a table with friends recently, pondering a previous conversation in the week. As I began to share, Holy Spirit bought such clarity that it drove revelation further into my heart.

Picture: I hear the voice of God calling. Quiet at first, but the more focus it is given, the louder it becomes. At first, I cannot see from where it comes; then, I see a mountain. The voice is coming from the other side of the mountain. God is calling us to the other side! 

He is calling people across the earth; various counties, from cities, towns & farms, from large families and small, those raised in Christians homes and those newly saved... He is calling!

Many people avert their attention because they cannot see. Many people reject others hearing because they do not understand.  Many people refuse to listen because they fear the unknown. 

But there are some, who are hearing His call. 

His voice resonates deep within and cannot be denied, cannot be rationalized away and cannot be mistaken. I hear the voice of God calling, do you?

Whether we tell the world about it, before a season of preparation begins, like Joseph. Whether we hear the call and go back to doing what we were doing before, like David. Whether we have been misguided and then hear the call, like Paul. Whether we try our hardest and stuff up along the way, like Peter. 

The primary thing is... can you hear the voice of God calling?

The pull for societal expectations, careers and “normal” is on the rise. Which only makes me more convinced of God’s call!

Paul, Peter, David, Joseph, Moses, Jeremiah ... so many in the Bible were called from what was "normal" and expected to obedience. Obedience is not “crazy” or “radical” it is simply following Jesus.

He is calling His people, can you hear Him?

2 Chronicles 7:14, Jeremiah 15:16, Philippians 3:14.


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