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Lean On Me.

Mum and Emily are currently watching my favourite movie, I am also updating a website and watching another show on my laptop… multi-tasking to the max!! It’s up to my favourite scene in the movie, where the entire school is singing Lean On Me.

I have thought of a myriad of things I “could” write over the past weeks, but these words … lean on me, just got stuck in my spirit. For it is the people in my world that I am extremely thankful for this year.  

During the hours on a bus to Niagara Falls at the close of the 2016, I decided I wanted to come back to Australia to do life with Annabel and Hannah. This has been my greatest joy this year. We have laughed, cried, talked, cooked, gym’d and grown closer to Jesus. How thankful I am to have these two women to do life with and lean on.

When God called me into this season, I couldn't tell my parents over the phone. So, they got in the car and drove to Inverell. I poured my heart out and they didn't think I was crazy! I am thankful that God blessed me with Dad and Mum, who parent with no expectation, love and generosity.

Recently, I was walking home from Coles, a woman passed looking directly at me, my hands full of groceries, I was unable to hide the tears welling in my eyes... These past months have been amazing but also difficult. I am thankful for those who have encouraged and prayed for me, especially Mum and Cathy. 

I am thankful for my best friends, Sean & Rina, who set an example in all areas. Thank you for extending your home and family, your lives fuel my world with faith. You shine Jesus!

To all friends, who have opened their homes, shared meals, driven to lookouts at 2am in the morning, walked through parklands, conversed over the phone, chatted and prayed together in lounge rooms and around dinner tables - I am so grateful for each of you!

Despite the challenges you may have had in 2017 may it shine, upon reflection, because of the people in your life. Let's continue to love and build people together in 2018… there's no better life! 

Bethany x

Loving this song at present...


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