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Our Nepal Trip

You know what I loved about Nepal, God’s vision. Before we set foot in country, before we knew what we were to do - God had it all in His heart, all planned and delighted in our willingness. 

You know what I also loved about Nepal, our team. The way God displayed Himself and touched the world - through us!! What a privilege. 

Day 5, I loved watching Josh teach Church History. His passion evident, knowledge sharp which led to whiteboard maps of Europe, timelines and great flow. It was a joy to be in the presence of God using Josh in his passion!

Annabel returned one day beaming!! They had walked past someone’s home saying “Namaste” (hello). As she walked past she did a double take and felt Holy Spirit inviting them back. They turned and had conversation, time and tea with this woman. This is AMAZING. I know Jesus would LOVE to have tea with this woman, and because of Annabel’s heart, she was able to be where Jesus wanted to go!! 

Hannah grew further in discernment; accurately praying for, seeing and giving encouragement as she was led. She bought incredible strength to our teaching days and loved the opportunity to see what God sees. She also led children's programs, prepared and spoke on unity, exuding a desire to grow and be used by God. During a prayer time after a children's program, Hannah received a glimpse into God's heart for these children and was overwhelmed with emotion. This time was a personal highlight for her and touched those in the room.

Robins role enhanced my view of why God calls and how He uses us! If I ever thought it was restricted to what we “do”, that’s now blown out of the water. Robin did “do” some incredible things - help run the children’s program, summarized info on Nepali church history, visited with locals, prayer walked, spoke, gave her testimony (so good!!), helped oversee our finances!! But what I saw was how God used her, all of her. Her presence on the team to love, laugh (when there’s only cold water), to rise early, to keep going, to converse and listen... her presence caused me to rise in who I was because of all she is. Though what we do matters, we are far more who we are.

Muma stops to hold an elderly ladies hand, she converses about family with a little girl, she asked the taxi driver and our boating friend about their religion, prayed for those that needed healing... she is always loving and engaging people, bridging the gap to her Saviour. Her heart for people was evident in her prayers, tears, desires and actions. She led our team in this heart and we are all so thankful for the love that oozes and reflects God in his deep love for all people. 

Near the end of this trip, I asked our team to stop and ask Father what His perspective on our time had been. I saw Jesus and I walking a dusty Nepali street as He spoke words that hit my heart. Stepping fully into leading this trip was a challenge for me, I am thankful that through everything He calls us into, He's always walking with us! Many thanks to EVERYONE who prayed for us, special thank you to Amber for carrying us as a team. We appreciate everything given, sowed, invested and prayed. I am blown away that a seed God planted in my heart over 12 months ago came to fruition, and thankful that His grace, partnership, leadership and favour was felt throughout this entire journey!

What a great team to adventure with!! Throughout our time in Nepal we were involved in teaching, preaching, devotions, prayer walking, children’s programs, services, giving and visits. Our first week was spent in Kathmandu, our second week was spent in Damauli and Pokhara, with travel days either side. I am in awe of our capacities, willingness and attitudes to love and serve people however God invited. We laughed, prayed, sang, led, spoke, gave, and walked our way through two weeks, accepting an invitation to be involved and see God’s work in Nepal!

God is always at work; across the world, in our country, in our towns, in our neighbourhood, in our family and friends... the invitation is there for all of us to “come follow me!”

With deep love and gratitude, Bethany 

Team Snapshot

Mum was the first to brave the toilets, always making the rest of us feel like it’s easy. Josh was the first (and often only) team member to know stuff, like everything, it was brilliant. Annabel was the first to laugh, with or at us, always bringing joy! Robin was the first to be up for anything whether walking streets while others headed back for a break or causing havoc mid-service with Mum! Haha!! Hannah was the first to talk about toilets (a major topic of conversation throughout the trip!!). I was the first to pretend to know stuff when I didn’t really know anything till the unfolding moment! What a team! P.S. coffee makes Mum a little mischievous (you should’ve been there!!) 

Team Highlight

We glimpsed the Himalayas, Wow!! People had been praying we’d see the mountains... we woke before 5am, caught a taxi, ran up steps, found a rooftop, soaked in God’s artwork, sang and prayed over Nepal... the mountains were stunning and by the time we left they were covered in clouds as though nothing was there. We all left with full full hearts!!


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