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Resource initiative

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"Freely you have received, freely give!"
- Jesus

I have been blessed with experience and training in ministry and administration. I see it as a privilege to share what I have learnt and created to benefit the body of Christ.


Please check out our site - free administration downloads below plus helpful websites (click here). 


Also, I encourage you to read our blog-section on Church Life - there are some great tips, resources and encouragement.


If you need anything further, even if you just have a question, please don't hesitate to contact me through the form below.


"Bethany Bell is an expert at knowing the stuff you didn’t know you needed to know. As a modern day interpreter, she bridges the gap between the admin and pastoral worlds of church life with the highest authority. You won’t find better!”   -  Steven Lam, Accountant, Horizon Church Sydney

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Here you will find a range of documents you can download to use for your church. Our aim is to create documents that are user-friendly and easily adaptable. Therefore, most documents are in Microsoft Word or Excel formats. You will be able to add your church logo and edit features as desired.

How to download?

Click this link to download all files listed below. Select the files or folders you wish to download, click the 'more actions' button then 'download'. We hope these files will prove helpful. If you find something missing that would be beneficial, please let us know.

Working Over Coffee
Board Templates


  • Agenda template 

  • Minutes template

  • AGM Agenda Template

  • AGM Ballot Slips

  • AGM Application for Membership

  • AGM Attendance Sheet & Member List

Office Work
General Admin & Finance


  • Attendance & Statistics Sheet

  • Church Letterhead (2 options)

  • Password Register

  • Count Sheet

  • Basic Budget (2 options)

Acoustic Guitar
Music & Service Leading


  • Basic Service Runsheets (2 options)

  • Service Planners (multiple options)

  • Basic Powerpoint Template for song words (2 options)

  • Music Roster (basic)

  • CCLI Recording Sheet

  • Church Song List

Public Speaker
Guest Ministry


  • Guest Ministry Itinerary Template​

  • Guest Ministry Form

  • Guest Speaker Process Checklist

  • Travel Ministry Details

  • Conference Itinerary Template

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