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People are the church, however, we live in the age where administration and systems can hold us, our churches, staff and volunteers captive. Therefore, to help the church, we want to share documents, websites and ideas that we have found helpful. We hope that these resources assist you in your ministry of loving and serving people. Access Resources!

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The Providence of God and 

How To Protect Your Faith

Bethany has a strong ability to connect with people and impart the word of God with a focus on our daily relationship with Him. Bethany communicates with authority, imparts faith and challenges people to walk in obedience. Invite Bethany to speak at your church, young adults gathering or women's event. Email.


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Bethany's first bite-sized book, On Being Single, was launched in 2019. On Being Single is a heartfelt and often humorous insight into the single experience. Bethany's warm and open approach to sharing her observations of the single journey will encourage self-reflection, and shift your thinking on singleness. This is a great book to read and share to inspire clarity. It will propel you to freedom while defining Godly perspective on the single season. Invite Bethany to share on this topic in a service, seminar or Q&A. Email.

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